Retreats 2009-2015

This page lists previous talks Joanne has given at retreats. The most recent retreat talks are listed first.

Cape Retreat, September 2015

Slowing Down and Living in the Present Moment As the Key to Happiness - Cape Retreat Opening Talk, September 2015. (39 min)

Getting to the roots of suffering: Habits and how we condition our mind - Cape Retreat September 2015. This talk includes a guided meditation about realizing our deepest aspiration. (43 min.)

Rochester Retreat, April 2012

Day 1 Retreat Talk, includes Joanne reading Mary Oliver's poem "Wild Geese", 4-18-12. (47 min.)

Day 2 Retreat Talk, 4-19-12 (45 min.) 

Day 5 Retreat Talk, 4-22-12. Enough is Enough:  the Richness of Not Wanting - Joanne talks about taking our practice into the world.  She focuses on how when we can practice with transforming our suffering, we can be of more help.  Our practice becomes an engaged practice. (53 min.)

Cape Retreat, September 2011

Opening Talk, 9-9-11. Topics include stopping and looking deeply, developing the energy of mindfulness, walking meditation, setting small do-able practice goals (48 min.) 

Day 2 Dharma Talk, 9-10-11. Topics include practicing with difficult emotions, usefulness of the four remembrances, and "don't know mind."  Poems include "Love" by Czeslaw Milosz (63 min.)

Rochester Retreat, April 2011

Retreat talk, 4-2-11. Springwater Retreat Center, Rochester, NY. (65 min.)

Fearlessness As the Ground of Love, final retreat talk, 4-3-11. Springwater Retreat Center, Rochester, NY. (75 min.)

Cape Retreat, September 2010

QueerDharma, July 2009

Part 1.  Sitting instructions and why we sit (17 min.)

Part 2.  Guided meditation (21 min.)

Part 3.  Fear as the basis for suffering, developing fearlessness and compassion, how conditioning colors perception (30 min.)

Part 4.  Joanne’s experience of practicing with cancer, holding everything in love and compassion (17 min.)