Guided Meditations

Find additional guided meditations on these pages: Retreats 2017-2018 and Retreats 2009-2015.

Our Deepest Aspiration: Looking deeply at one's deepest aspiration and to let go of whatever may be hindering one's ability to realize it. (14 min.)

Invoking the Bodhisattvas: The Bodhisattvas are the embodiments of qualities that we all possess and need to do our best to cultivate in order to be freer and happier. Invoking them helps us remember are true nature. (7 min.)

Touchings of the Earth: Cultivating our strengths and non-self elements. (20 min.)

Total Relaxation:  Progressive whole-body relaxation to allow the mind and bodies to rest and heal. (26 min.)

Daffodil Meditation: Meditation for remembering our true nature. (10 min.)

Guided Meditation & Metta Sutta: Includes a beautiful recording of the Metta Sutta (the Discourse on Love chanted by Sr. The Nghiem of Blue Cliff Monastery from the recording "Oasis"), followed by a guided meditation. (23 min.)