6-23-17 Sangha Update and Change of Venue


And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days; Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune, And over it softly her warm ear lays; Whether we look, or whether we listen, We hear life murmur, or see it glisten;

James Russell Lowell

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and happy and enjoying these glistening first days of summer!

The Van Horn's are unable to host this time, so there will be a gathering this Sunday at the home of the Wests.at 6 PM (directions below) .There will be sitting/ walking meditation (in their beautiful garden, weather permitting) . We will continue to enjoy Thay's book, "Silence" and share the Dharma. I hope you will be able to attend.

At our last meeting we focused on the importance of developing our mindfulness and concentration so that we can choose where to place our minds. Here is an article written by Tim Desmond, who sat with our Sangha all during his college years at URI...He is a wonderful practitioner who went on to become a member of our Order. This is a beautiful reminder of how our practice of choosing where to place our minds and remembering impermanence can be a true blessing in difficult times. Enjoy!



Please continue to hold Eva and her son and family in your hearts and prayers. You can send some love to dorandecker@gmail.com Please also continue to hold Sandy and her daughter in those same prayers. Love notes of encouragement can be sent to laubcho@aol.com


As I said the last time, registration for the Cape Sangha Retreat is open. It is a lovely retreat in a beautiful setting on Cape Cod. You can get the info and registration forms at joannefriday.com/calendar

Blue Cliff Monastery is offering lots of retreats this summer. A Wake Up Retreat, A Retreat with the Plum village Monastics (info below) for info about these and others....go to


ENGAGED PRACTICE We are living in very challenging times. during the Aldersgate Retreat those attending compiled a list of ways to help and ways to connect with those in power to let your views be known. It has never been more important. I have included the list below. The bill that they are saying is about health care, but which will deny millions of people care, and which the president himself called "mean" is being pushed through the Senate - with a vote this coming week.Many of the most draconian measures are scheduled to go into effect right after the 2020 presidential election. If you have friends or family with disabilities or cancer or any other pre-existing condition,they are in jeopardy. $800 billion is being cut from Medicare so that the richest one percent will get a big tax cut. If this is of concern to you please use and share the list below....and wherever you live you can find contact info for all 50 states at https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

With all that is happening, it is very important to water seeds of joy...


Until we meet again, may you be happy, healthy, fearless and at peace.

with much love and the joy of the murmurs and glistenings of life for you, Joanne


We live about 2 miles from URI. From rt 138, go north onto Old North Rd. (across the street from big sign ““Kingston Hill Store Books Used and Rare””. Also, just a smidge west of the 138/108 traffic light). Old North Rd starts off as a one way, continues on as a two way street, and finally ends as a T. You will see our corner property from there. Go left at the T (Old North Rd meets Stoneyfort Rd), and then a quick right onto Plantation Dr. We are the first home on the right (2nd driveway is easiest). Come on in the side door (porch/kitchen)!


Here are the ideas for mindful action that were shared on the pad of paper at the back of the meditation hall - at our retreat:

  • Five Calls (free phone Ap)
  • connect with local Council of Churches for taking a stand together...
  • connect with local state Equal Justice Groups
  • Earth Holders Sangha (part of our Plum Village tradition)
    • monthly online meetings
    • created the postcard that was shared at our retreat - attached to this email - so that you can print on cardstock &/or share more widely
    • note: needs 49 cent stamp and your full return address
  • MichaelMoore.com
  • Local support groups for immigrants, e.g., Resist Hate RI https://resisthateri.com, New Mainers Alliance, Capital Area New Mainers Project
  • resistbot - will change texts to faxed letters to congress people https://resistbot.io
  • Sign up for daily text of action to take:
    • 668-366 (move.on)
    • 228-466 (Daily Action)
  • "Support work of Common Cause to abolish the electoral college. Ten states (including- I think - all of New England) have entered the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). Get your friends in states which whaven't to write to the state legislators about this." (Ros Winsor)

To connect with Senators and Representatives from all 50 states https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials

For info on the health care bill:

http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2017/jun/22/senate-health-care-bill-whats-it/ From Politifact - Coverage: The Senate measure changes many factors that make coverage affordable. There are the limits on Medicaid funding, changes in subsidies that flow through the exchanges, the option for states to eliminate maternity and mental health care from the list of required insurance benefits and the opportunity for carriers to charge older people five times more than younger ones. In addition, the elimination of the individual and employer mandates will play a role.