10-14-16 Sangha Update

thay-smile-copyphoto by Richard Friday

Happy 90th Continuation Day, Thay!
Happy 90th Continuation Day to our beloved teacher. 
He has given us everything. 
He has created practices that lead us to freedom and happiness.
 My heart overflows with gratitude. 
In these tumultuous times, may all beings awaken to our true nature of Interbeing.
“Some people might ask you, ‘When is your birthday?’ But you may ask yourself a more interesting question: ‘Before that day which was my birthday, where was I?’”
A beautiful Continuation Day Letter from Sister Chan Khong can be found at...
Dear Friends,
I hope you are all well, happy, enjoying this bright fall morning and feeling lots of gratitude.
We also hope that you will join us this coming Sunday at our home at 725 Matunuck School House Rd in Wakefield at 6 PM. We will enjoy sitting and walking meditation, I will offer a short talk about Continuation and Impermanence and we will share the Dharma. I do hope you will be able to be with us.
As you might recall....The Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation asked all the Sanghas to submit a video about how we are being Thay's continuation...and they received 160 videos from all over the world and they are all available and I have included the link....It is lovely to see that we have lots of company!The the Mahasangha is alive and well and very happy! We created a video at the Annual RI Community of Mindfulness  Sangha Picnic is a part of the offering and we received this from the Foundation....!
Dear lovely sangha,
Thank you so much for submitting a video for Thay's continuation!
We have uploaded it onto YouTube for everyone to enjoy, and we will show all of these videos to Thay during the week of his birthday. Thank you for being there and for being such a beautiful continuation of our teacher.
Here is our YouTube Channel:
In gratitude,
There are also lots of other upcoming  opportunities to practice....along with not allowing our own seeds of anger and dualism be watered during this political season....
There will be an Order member /Aspirant Gathering on Saturday at 10 at the Bell Street Chapel. There will be a Recitation of the 14 Mindfulness Trainings and a sharing of the Dharma. All are welcome to attend if you are interested in learning more about our Order. All are also welcome to attend the Radiant Bell Sangha gathering immediately beforehand ...from 8-9:30, if you wish. 
There will be a Day of Mindfulness in West Hartford on Saturday, Oct 29. 
How To Be at Peace in a Chaotic World: Deep Listening and Mindful Speech
Saturday, Oct.29, 2016   9:30- 4PM   
For more information and registration form, please go to joannefriday.com/calendar
There is also a series of lectures being offered again this year for the Honors Colloquium at URI with the focus being Inequality. The lectures are at 7 PM on Tuesdays. You can check the website for more info at http://web.uri.edu/hc/
The Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown University proudly introduces it's Fall 2016 Lecture Series:  "Mindfulness, Science and Society."  Please join us for these exciting lectures and please advertise them to your classes and your mailing lists. These are, in most cases, once in a lifetime opportunities to hear these distinguished scholars and researchers.  
I hope you will be able to take part in one or more of the above...and enjoy every moment until then.
with love and gratitude for interbeing with all of you,