6-24-16 Sangha Update

peonyHappy Summertime, Happy Solstice!

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ― Henry James

“Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly.” ― Pablo Neruda

“Come with me,' Mom says. To the library. Books and summertime go together.” ― Lisa Schroeder

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well and happy and enjoying these first days of summer. The Strawberry moon welcomed in the Solstice and it was magnificent! Amidst the chaos and confusion of the world....it is important for us to be mindful of the miracles of life....and water seeds of joy, so we can expand our capacity to help each other.

This is a reminder that there will be a gathering at the home of the Van Horns this coming Sunday at 6 PM. Their directions are below. There will be sitting/waking and sitting meditation and sharing the Dharma. I hope you will be able to attend.

A 21 Day retreat was  held in Plum Village during the first 21 days of June. It is always a wonderful international gathering with many good Dharma Talks given by Lay and Monastic Dharma teachers. You can access them by going to Youtube and typing in Vulture Peak Gathering.... Enjoy!

And speaking of Dharma talks......I received this note from Joe Durando of the NYC Sangha..... "I have been asked to reach out the Sanghas that visit Blue Cliff and who receive the benefit of video recordings of Dharma Talks and the like from Blue Cliff. There is a desire for some new computer equipment to be able to better share dharma talks and the like from Blue Cliff, their present equipment is outdated and in need of replacement."

This is a very worthwhile cause and they have been very generous in posting talks and sharing the Dharma for a long time.  If you are able to help, you can make checks out to Blue Cliff Monastery and note in the memo that it is for computer equipment. You can bring the check to a Sangha meeting...we will collect all of those and send in a group...and/or you can send them directly to Blue Cliff Monastery, 3 Mindfulness Rd, Pine Bush, NY 12566.

PLEASE REMEMBER!!! RI Community of Mindfulness Picnic at Colt State Park from 11-? on September 10. We can enjoy sharing food, music, games, etc. I hope you will be able to be with us.

P1210778Past Picnic...come and be a part of this picture this year...bring friends, families, pets, songs, games, food and your joy to share!

This is also a reminder that our friends Troy West and Claudia Flynn will be offering tours of their sculpture garden tomorrow as part of a garden tour sponsored by the Cross Mills Library in Charlestown. There are 13 gardens on the tour and tickets can be purchased at the library tomorrow 10-1...the tour runs from 10-4 PM.

Of course it's summertime....lots of opportunities to enjoy our interbeing!

with much love and wonderful chorus of crickets singing for you on a summer evening, Joanne


The Forty Tenets were formulated and taught by Thay in Plum Village during the Spring Retreat 2006, the Autumn Retreat 2006 and the Winter Retreats 2006, 2007. They serve as the foundation for the Plum Village teachings and practices and for our Mindfulness Trainings, whether they are the Five of the laity, the Ten of the noviciate, the Fourteen of the Order, or the several hundred of the monastics.

In the early 90’s, Thay taught many courses about the history of Buddhist thought in a number of winter retreats, including “The Living Tradition of Meditation Practice,” “The sutras of the Southern Transmission,” “The Sutras of the Northern Transmission” and in 2005, “The Wheel of the Different Schools Commentary” which discusses the different tenets held by the more than twenty early different Buddhist schools. These teachings give us an overview of the history of Buddhist thought.

These tenets are Thay’s attempt to identify and define the teachings that we maintain, learn and transmit in Plum Village and capture our relationship to the various paths in the history of Buddhism. They are the result of Thay and the Plum Village community’s study and practice of Buddhist teachings and methods, and deep looking into the evolution of the various Buddhist schools and their teachings.

Thay has shared many times that as Buddhist practitioners we should, from time to time, return and bathe in the waters of source Buddhism. In Plum Village, we have “a deep desire to understand the original meaning of the Buddha, the teacher who began this lineage, and also a desire to study and practice so that, while being faithful to the original teachings, we can also respond to the needs of our times for spiritual practice and transformation. The different schools of Buddhism from the time of 140 years after the Buddha entered nirvana until the beginning of the Mahāyāna did just that and of course, our community should do the same.”

Thay also reminds us: “It is possible that our way of looking today will change in order to adapt to a deeper and more relevant way of looking tomorrow. In being faithful to the open and undogmatic stance of Buddhism, Plum Village always holds the door wide open for change so never has a rigid and dogmatic attitude that only its way of seeing things is right. This way of looking is practiced regularly in order to remove the obstacle of knowledge (ineyavarana), and always to have the opportunity to go forward.”

“In this way Buddhism changes, adapts and progresses in the same way as science does in order to serve humankind more effectively all the time. We have too long been influenced by the maxim: “Repetition rather than creativity.” This attitude belongs to the pious religious believer more than it does to the scholar. We should have the courage to review what we have learnt in the light of our practice and reflection.”

During this 21 Day Retreat 2016, we will have a chance to reexamine some of the theses that Thay has put forward; explore how they can inform our practice and how they can be a foundation for applying the Trainings of the Order of Interbeing as we actively engage with society. As practitioners, we invite you to read these theses of Plum Village with a critical, scientific attitude that is based on your own experience of the practice.

With love and trust, Vulture Peak Team May 20, 2016

Directions to and Parking for the Van Horn Home Address: 24 Mallory Lane Wakefield, RI 02879 Phone: 401-871-1838

From the North: Take US 1-S to RI-138 Turn right onto RI-138; drive for about 3.5 miles Turn left onto RI-108 S/Kingstown Rd.; drive for 2 miles. You will pass the SK police station, then later a pond, and the Pump House Restaurant on your right. Take the next left onto Rodman Street. (Street sign is hard to see; Dennis Moffit Painting is on the corner and the Peace Dale Mill is on the left.) You will pass the bike path and one stop sign. Mallory Lane will be on your left. Our house is the second on the left. See below for parking.

From the South/West: Take US-1/N past the Matunuck exits Take the Pond St. exit. (right after an exit for Post Rd.) Turn left onto Pond St. Continue until Pond dead ends onto Main. Turn right onto Main. Drive a short distance. Turn left onto High St. Drive past town hall. In about 0.6 mi, turn left onto Allen. At stop sign, turn right onto Rodman. Continue past one stop sign. Mallory Lane is on the right. Our house is the second on the left.

Parking: Our street is narrow, so we ask that you not part on the street. 3-4 cars will fit in our driveway. If there is no space left in the driveway, you can park on Jennifer Dr. Turn left back onto Rodman, and make a quick right onto Jennifer Dr.