3-20-16 Sangha Update

IMG_0742Happy First Day of Spring!

The bud stands for all things, even for those things that don’t flower, for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing; though sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness, to put a hand on its brow of the flower and retell it in words and in touch it is lovely until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing;   ... From St. Francis and the Sow by Galway Kinnell

Dear Friends,

I hope you are feeling renewed and ready to flower beautifully! The world needs us to flower beautifully and offer all of our gifts to the collective consciousness. There are so many dark places in the world... so much ignorance of the reality of our true nature of interbeing and how whatever we do to others we are doing to ourselves, our children and their children. We have an opportunity to deepen our practice tonight!

We just got back from a Dharma Teacher's gathering at our Deer Park Monastery in California..and learned that on this, the first day of spring, we are expecting a spring snow.

However, we have also learned that it is not expected until around ten tonight, so we will be gathering at our home at 725 Matunuck School House Rd at 6 PM for those who feel ok about driving and joining us, we would love to have you come and create a lovely garden of sweet beings. We will enjoy a sitting meditation, I will offer a short talk and we will share the Dharma.

A big part of our practice is to train ourselves to respond skillfully to what is...to whatever life presents to us.

Who knows better how to respond skillfully in the moment than an improvisational jazz musician? This is a wonderful teaching from a wonderful musician....enjoy!


with much love and a crocus growing in the snow for you, Joanne