8-22-15 Sangha Update ... and CHANGE OF VENUE!

mud pond sunset

Breathing in, breathing out, I am water, reflecting what is true, what is real. And I feel there is space, deep inside of me, I am free, I am free, I am free.

Plum village Practice Song

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to be relaxed. Why do we always try to run and run, even while having our breakfast, while having our lunch, while walking, while sitting? There’s something pushing and pulling us all the time. We make ourselves busy in the hopes of having happiness in the future. In the sutra “Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone,” the Buddha said clearly,  “Don’t get caught in the past, because the past is gone. Don’t get upset about the future, because the future is not yet here. There is only one moment for you to be alive, and that is the present moment. Go back to the present moment and live this moment deeply, and you’ll be free.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and enjoying every miracle in every present moment that this summer season has to offer us...the clouds, the sunsets....and remembering to breathe!!!

This is a reminder that the Van Horn's are unable to host tomorrow, so our gathering tomorrow evening at 6 PM will be held at the home  of Cindy and John West. (directions below) There will be a sitting meditation, walking meditation in their beautiful gardens, a Dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh and a sharing of the Dharma. I hope you will be able to be with us.

Don't forget! The RI Community of Mindfulness Sangha Picnic will held at Colt State Park on Saturday, September 26 from 11-3 at site #3 in Colt State Park in Bristol. Please come and bring your families, your pets, songs, games, poems, etc, to share. It is always a delight be with wonderful people in a beautiful place, having fun!

Also, I hope you will be able to come and do walking meditation with us at Burnside Park and be part of the Anual Peace Walk in downtown Providence to commemorate the International Day of Peace from 4-5 on September 19. This will be the closing for an entire day of Peace events at the park. (schedule below) I hope you will be able to be with us.

This is a reminder that the Senexet House retreat is filled. If you would like to be on the waiting list....please go to joannefriday.com/calendar for information.

Wonderful news...in preparation for the Climate Change Gathering to be held in Paris in December,There was an International Islamic Climate Change Symposium which issued a declaration which reminded me of the Pope's recent encyclical..it is very encouraging...you can find the text at  http://islamicclimatedeclaration.org/islamic-declaration-on-global-climate-change/

At our last gathering, I spoke about this child prodigy jazz pianist, Joey Alexander, whom  we had seen in NYC...here is the link to give you an idea of why we were so amazed....and to water all of your seeds of joy....



with much love and the joy of  twenty-four brand new hours for you,



We live about 2 miles from URI.  From rt 138, go north onto Old North Rd.  (across the street from  big sign ““Kingston Hill Store  Books  Used and Rare””.  Also, just a smidge west of the 138/108 traffic light).  Old North Rd starts off as a one way, continues on as a two way street, and finally ends as a T.  You will see our corner property from there.  Go left at the T (Old North Rd meets Stoneyfort Rd), and then a quick right onto Plantation Dr.  We are the first home on the right (2nd driveway is easiest).  Come on in the side door (porch/kitchen)!

The Peace Day  - Sept 19    is a three-part event this year, and we think it will be both meaningful and fun. The schedule is:

**    The Peace Festival, Burnside Park will offer lots of activities for children and adults, and we will also have tables for nonprofits to highlight their wonderful work and offer a small activity at their table. (   1:00 to 3:00 pm)   

**    Flash Mob Peace Dance, Kennedy Plaza. This is our exciting new entry for a Peace Day event. We're planning to have a few groups dance on the Plaza, and we'll end with a lovely slow peaceful dance that everyone can join in.  We're going to invite Gina Raimondo, Jorge Elorza, the Providence City Council, mayors of RI cities (and maybe more officials) along with the clergy to join us. You, too, can join this last one too; we hope the interfaith clergy will join us, but it's an individual choice. (between    3:00 & 4:00 pm) We hope you will dance with us.   

** Peace Walk, around Burnside Park. (between 4:00 &    5:00 pm)