5-30-15 Sangha Update


Dear Friends,

It was lovely to walk among the lilacs with all of you last Sunday.

This is just a reminder...that this month has five Sundays....so there will be no gathering this Sunday. Next Sunday we will be meeting at the Unitarian Church in Peace Dale at 6. and Cindy will be facilitating. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and you will be able to be with us next week.

with much love, Joanne

PS. Our Sangha sister Mary Beth Meehan, some of you know her from the Aldersgate Retreat, is having a very interesting showing of her photographic work and will be offering a talk about it at the RISD Auditorium at 4 PM on the 11th of July.  Check out the website...one of the photos is of our dear friend Lee Andrews!!! This is from Mary Beth....

Dear Friends,

Please note this TIME CHANGE:

Seen/Unseen: Providence will launch with a Public Conversation at 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 11, at the RISD Museum. (This is a change. Children are welcome!)

The Banner Installation in downtown Providence will begin going up on Thursday, June 4. Eight banner-sized portraits will be installed along the downtown corridor, as part of the Providence International Arts Festival.  The images will be taken from Seen/Unseen: Providence, at  marybethmeehan.tumblr.com.

* On Thursday, June 11, at 4 pm (THIS IS A CHANGE) there will be a Public Conversation at the RISD Museum.

* On Saturday, June 13th at 6 p.m., a Print Exhibition will open with a reception at Providence City Hall.

Thank you, and I really hope to see you on the 11th,

Mary Beth