9-20-14 Sangha Update

"For us to survive, both as individuals and as a species,we need a revolution in consciousness. It can start with our collective awakening." -from Love Letter to the Earth Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Friends,

Happy International Day of Peace and  Raising Awareness of Climate Change Day!  I hope this finds you well and happy and being peace.


This is to remind you that there will be a gathering this Sunday evening at 6 PM at the home of Robert and Monica Van Horn. (directions and info below.) There will be sitting and walking meditation and a sharing of the Dharma. Come and be peace together!


Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness Picnic Saturday, Sept. 27 – 11 am to 3 pm Colt State Park, Shelter #3 The Mind Tamers are once again hosting a picnic for the entire Community of Mindfulness and their families. It will take place on Saturday, September 27 from 11 am to 3 pm at the beautiful Colt State Park at shelter #3. We will share a vegetarian potluck picnic and ask everyone to contribute games, stories, songs, poems, etc.  Sangha members are welcome to come earlier than 11 am or stay later than 3 pm, as we have reserved the shelter for the whole day. Come and enjoy the day with us!

Greater Hartford Sangha’s Fall Day of Mindfulness Saturday, October 25, 2014 Village for Families and Children, Hartford Information/registration form: http://joannefriday.com/calendar The event will include a transmission ceremony of the Five Mindfulness Trainings. Applications to receive or renew the trainings are due to Joanne by October 18, 2014. I hope you will be able to join us.


This is being held while world leaders will be meeting at the UN to discuss climate change. It is being billed as the largest march yet to bring awareness to our responsibility for taking care of our planet. I am hopeful that this might be an indication that the “goddess of enough is enough” has arrived! For more info go to

http://peoplesclimate.org/march/ Specific info about gathering with other Sangha members in NYC see below!!!

Wonderful news! The monastics will be doing a Wake Up tour through Central America.  Our Sangha sister Laura Hopps, who lives and works for Pronica in Nicaragua has forwarded a request for support for the monastic tour. If you are able to help, please do.


with much love, many hugs and a vision of a collective awakening for you,


Directions to and Parking for the Van Horn Home

Address: 24 Mallory Lane Wakefield, RI 02879 Phone: 401-871-1838 From the North: Take US 1-S to RI-138 Turn right onto RI-138; drive for about 3.5 miles Turn left onto RI-108 S/Kingstown Rd.; drive for 2 miles. You will pass the SK police station, then later a pond, and the Pump House Restaurant on your right. Take the next left onto Rodman Street. (Street sign is hard to see; Dennis Moffit Painting is on the corner and the Peace Dale Mill is on the left.) You will pass the bike path and one stop sign. Mallory Lane will be on your left. Our house is the second on the left. See below for parking.

From the South/West: Take US-1/N past the Matunuck exits Take the Pond St. exit. (right after an exit for Post Rd.) Turn left onto Pond St. Continue until Pond dead ends onto Main. Turn right onto Main. Drive a short distance. Turn left onto High St. Drive past town hall. In about 0.6 mi, turn left onto Allen. At stop sign, turn right onto Rodman. Continue past one stop sign. Mallory Lane is on the right. Our house is the second on the left.

Parking: Our street is narrow, so we ask that you not part on the street. 3-4 cars will fit in our driveway. If there is no space left in the driveway, you can park on Jennifer Dr. Turn left back onto Rodman, and make a quick right onto Jennifer Dr. Thank you!!!


From Dennis Bohn of the Rock Blossom Sangha in Brooklyn...

Many have requested information on the events in the Plum Village practice community in NYC around the Climate March.  On the day of the March, Sunday 9/21 we will gather at around 11:15 on 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue.  We will meet at the 9th Avenue side of the block, so that our community can gather as a sangha.  That entire block is intended for what have been called the Faith communities* including the  Buddhist Communities in NYC.   I understand someone will be holding up a large sign for the Buddhist contingent, of which we will be a subset.  There is a plan that this inter-faith group will be toward the end of the march so that many of the churches can join us after Sunday services.  While the march is scheduled to begin at 11:30, we will likely remain in that block for some time, so if you are late you will still be able to join us.

For those coming from Brooklyn, the Rock Blossom Sangha will be meeting in front of Gethsemane Church, 1012 8th Avenue (Between 10th and 11th Streets) at 10:00 AM.

It is our aspiration to participate as a practice in mindfulness, bringing peace and joy to the day and enjoying every step along the way as well nourishment from one another's company.  We may want to practice periods of inner silence during the afternoon as well.  This person is reminded of the stories our Dear Teacher has told around agreeing to participate in a march circa 1982 to end nuclear weapons .  The recollection is that he finally agreed top participate only so long as he would be allowed to walk enjoying each step at his own slow pace :-)

"For us to survive, both as individuals and as a species, we need a revolution in consciousness. It can start with our collective awakening."

-from Love Letter to the Earth

Sending deep lovingkindness to all beings, dennis bohn (True Mountain of Peace)

*Here is a list of the Faith Communities Participating, according to the Inter-Faith Group

Agnostic, GreekOrthodox, Hindu, Humanist, Indigenous/FirstPeoples, Interfaith, Islam, Jain, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Atheist, Muslim, New Thought, Pagan, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant, Quaker, RussianOrthodox, Shinto, Sikh, Baptist, Spiritual-Seeker, UnitedChurchofChrist, Unitarian Universalist, Baha'i, Buddhist, Catholic, Congregationalist, Episcopalian, Evangelical, Mennonite, Reformed Church in America, Seminaries, US.Grail, Zoroastrian