2-24-14 Taming Tomorrow

photo by me
That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty,
He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.
Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you well and happy and blooming beautifully in the midst of winter.
There will be a gathering Tuesday evening at St. Matthew and Mark Church in West Barrington at 6:30 PM. I hope you will be able to be with us. We will have sitting/walking/sitting meditation, I will give a short talk and we will share the Dharma. I hope you can come.
I wanted to thank you all once again for the beautiful notes and generosity that you have shown me.  I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.
Please remember that there are lots of resources for deepening our practice.
Remember that you can access Thay’s talks at tnhaudio.org and some of the monastics have been offering Dharma talks during this Winter Retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery…you can access them at bluecliffmonastery.org
Also, I hope that you will be able to join us at the Aldersgate Retreat, May 16-20. It is a wonderful time to deepen our practice together.
Retreat in Rhode IslandMay 16-20, 2014
Coming Home: Cultivating Fearlessness, Freedom, and Joy
Camp Aldersgate, North Scituate, Rhode Island
Offered by the Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness
Register early (by March 15) and save $25
Informational flyer and registration form:
Please don’t be deterred by financial concerns. We have some funds for scholarships.
If you want to be inspired to bloom beautifullyhere is another Louis Schwartzberg video to warm your heart in the middle of winter…Enjoy!
with much love and the richness of the deepening of wintertime for you,