1-27-14 Taming Tomorrow


We looked under the snow and this is what we found!
They are patiently waiting to manifest!
Silence is something that comes from your heart, not from outside. Silence doesn’t mean not talking and not doing things; it means that you are not disturbed inside. If you’re truly silent, then no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can enjoy the silence.
~ Thích Nhất Hạnh
And once we have the condition of peace and joy in us, we can afford to be in any situation. Even in the situation of hell, we will be able to contribute our peace and serenity. The most important thing is for each of us to have some freedom in our heart, some stability in our heart, some peace in our heart. Only then will we be able to relieve the suffering around us.
~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and joyful and at peace.
There will be a gathering at St. Matthew and Mark in West Barrington at 6:30 tomorrow evening. There will be sitting and walking meditation, I will offer a short talk about practices for  cultivating courage in the face of change….using our challenges to make us stronger. We will share the Dharma and enjoy being together. I hope you can be with us.

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us in Franklin for the Day of Mindfulness last Saturday. It was wonderful to be able to practice with the larger Sangha.with our friends from MA, CT and Maine along with our RI Sanghas.what a delight! We will have another opportunity to do just that thanks to the RI Community of  Mindfulness planning team who have been doing a beautiful job of planning a….
Retreat in Rhode IslandMay 16-20, 2014 Coming Home: Cultivating Fearlessness, Freedom, and Joy Camp Aldersgate, North Scituate, Rhode Island Offered by the Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness Register early (by March 15) and save $25 Informational flyer and registration form: http://joannefriday.com/calendar/
Please don't be deterred by financial concerns. We have some funds for scholarships.
Please remember that Thay's talks are available at tnhaudio.org and you can find the upcoming schedule for Blue Cliff Monastery at bluecliffmonastery.org
I have had to be away quite a bit and have fallen behind in my correspondence. I apologize for the delay of this email, as well as getting our RICOM Planning meeting organized…I will probably not be able to be doing quite as much as I have been doing and I deeply appreciate all of you who are willing to help care for the sanghas. I will create a doodle and send it to all who have voiced an interest in participating. If you are interested, please let me know  as soon as you can so I can add you to the list.

I hope you will be able to be with us for one or all of the above gatherings … and in the meantime, I hope you are enjoying this moment.
with much love, many hugs and the happiness of a warm fire on a chilly night for you,