10-19-13 Sangha Updates

An Autumn Celebration ...
in one flower!
You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry.
And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.
Walter Hagen
We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.
God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence;
see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...
We need silence to be able to touch souls.
Mother Teresa

Whether we or our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.

Wendell Berry

Dear Friends

I hope you are all well and being able to stop and enjoy the flowers!
CLEAR HEART SANGHA : This is a reminder that there will be a gathering this Sunday at 6 PM at the home of Cindy West( directions below...) There will be sitting/walking/sitting, sharing the Dharma and enjoying each other.
I hope you will be able to be there!
There will be the monthly OI/Aspirant gathering at the Bell Street Chapel in Providence on Saturday, Oct 19.  There will be a Recitation Ceremony of the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings and sharing about our practice. Robert will be facilitating and everyone is welcome. If you are interested in learning more about our Order please attend. This will take place right after the meeting of the Radiant Bell Sangha which meets from 8-9:30. Please  arrive by 9:45. I hope you will be able to be there!
MIND TAMERS - There will be a gathering of the Mind Tamers on Tuesday evening at 6:30 at Sts. Matthew and Mark Church in West Barrington. There will be sitting/walking/sitting, a sharing of our practice and a sharing of the Dharma. Shana will facilitate and be accompanied by Ellen on the bell. It should be a wonderful evening. I hope you will be able to attend.
CLEAR PATH SANGHA. - There will be a gathering of the Clear Path Sangha on Wednesday evening at 6 PM at the Westminster Unitarian Church on Kenyon Ave. in East Greenwich. There will be sitting/walking/sitting meditation a sharing of our practice and a sharing of the Dharma.  Deb will be facilitating
and, if Wendy is back, she will accompany on the bell. This should also be a wonderful gathering...I hope you will be there.
Lots of wonderful talks from Thay's tour at tnhaudio.org...enjoy!
I hope that some of you or your friends in CT will be able to join us for a
Day of Mindfulness in Hartford, Connecticut:

Cultivating Fearlessness and Joy in Uncertain Times Saturday, October 26, 2013, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Bill Williams at 860-561-3563 -- billwaw@comcast.net or
Lynn Swanson at 860-843-5030 – lswanson01@gmail.com


Lots of good things happening at the Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown.
Sharon Salzburg will be teaching Nov 1-2 ...and you can sign up to be on their list to get notices of all of the presentations.
And here is a rare interview with Wendell Berry on his hopes for humanity....enjoy!
with much love, many hugs and the spaciousness to enjoy the flowers for you,

We live about 2 miles from URI.  From rt 138, go north onto Old North Rd.  (across the street from  big sign ““Kingston Hill Store  Books  Used and Rare””.  Also, just a smidge west of the 138/108 traffic light).  Old North Rd starts off as a one way, continues on as a two way street, and finally ends as a T.  You will see our corner property from there.  Go left at the T (Old North Rd meets Stoneyfort Rd), and then a quick right onto Plantation Dr.  We are the first home on the right (2nd driveway is easiest).  Come on in the side door (porch/kitchen)!