8-23-13 Sanghas Update - Schedule - Two Weeks

with an open mind and an open heart!
Our Teacher is Here!
Actually alive in us moment to moment!
We are very lucky!

Dear Friends,
I hope you are enjoying this summer evening and are experiencing every moment with an open heart and an open mind!
I will be out of touch with computers for a while, so this is an update for the Clear Heart, Clear Path and Mind Tamers Sanghas for the next two weeks.
Sunday, August 25 at 6 PM...There will be a gathering of the sangha this coming Sunday at the VanHorn home. (see directions below). There will be a sitting/walking/sitting meditation , listening to a Dharma talk, sharing the Dharma and enjoying each others company.
Sunday, September 1 at 6 PM... There will be a gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County at the Lily Pads Complex on North Rd in Peace Dale. There will be a sitting meditation, a talk about the next chapter in the "Heart of the Buddha's Teaching" which will begin our walk down the Eightfold Path.
Tuesday, August 27th at 6:30 PM - There will be a gathering at St. Matthew and Mark Church in West Barrington. There will be sitting/walking/sitting meditation, Shana and Don will facilitate a sharing of the Dharma and the joy of being together. I hope you will be able to attend. The next meeting will be Sept. 10.
Wednesday, September 11, at 6PM - We will be gathering again...on the anniversary of 9/11. We will look through the lens of the practice at how we can respond skillfully to the long-term effects of that tragedy. I will facilitate and we will enjoy sitting/walking/sitting and sharing the Dharma. I hope you will be able to be with us as we begin a New Year together.
We can offer a deep bow of gratitude for Jennifer who has created a truly beautiful website for all of our Sanghas - The RI Community of Mindfulness. She has included all kinds of wonderful resources...it is a remarkable gift. There are links to the Sanghas...that have websites, a Sangha list of all the meetings and contact people..lots of links to Plum Village, Thay's talks and our monasteries...along with videos to support our practice. My description cannot begin to do it justice, you must check it out!   go to...
Thank you, Jennifer!
Speaking of the Mahasangha...it has been a delight to see the sanghas deepening and strengthening. We will be organizing a meeting of the RI Community of Mindfulness Care Taking Council. This will be a time to coordinate our efforts with other Sanghas, to look together at what is working well and what we might do to better support each other in our practice and continue to create a beloved community! If you would like to be a part of this, please let me know. It would be good if those of you who facilitate meetings would be a part of this group.
The educator's retreat in Toronto was very nourishing for 800 educators and 500 other attendees. Please remember that Thay's talks are available at tnhaudio.org and pvom.org
For those of you interested in attending the Peace Walk which Thay will lead in Boston on September 15, and are interested in ride sharing, Cindy has kindly offered to organize rides for that. You can contact her at westnest5@verizon.net. Please let her know if you want to drive or ride.
SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!! Saturday, September 21, 11-3PM for the Annual RI Community of Mindfulness Sangha Picnic at Colt State Park in Bristol. Bring a vegetarian dish, games, songs, poems, jokes..etc,etc,etc. to share !!! Find the info at http://joannefriday.com/calendar/
I know several of you have attended retreats that I have offered and I wanted to let you know that several of the talks are now available. I want to offer a deep bow of gratitude to Shana, Ellen, Kristen,  and Jennifer for creating the website joannefriday.com and all of the work they have done to maintain it. Shana and Ellen upload all of the Sangha Updates, a Calendar, a listing of Sangha meetings, upcoming retreats and Days of Mindfulness as well as audio and video files. Thank you to Jennifer, Rob and Nina for their tremendous help doing the audio editing. A number of new Dharma Talks and guided meditations have been uploaded to the audio/video section if you are interested! Thank you, Thank you to all of them.
Our friends at the New London Community of Mindfulness will be offering a 3 day retreat at Senexet House in CT. from Oct.18-20. John Bell a wonderful Dharma teacher will be offering teachings on Cultivating Joy: Mindfulness and Emotional Healing.
If you have questions about the retreat, please call Diane O’Neill at 860-739-4071.
I have been invited to offer a Day of Mindfulness for the Greater West Hartford Sangha on Saturday, Oct 26. The day will go from 9:30- 4PM. If you would like to join us, or have friends in that area who might....you can contact..
Bill Williams at 860-561-3563 -- billwaw@comcast.net or
Lynn Swanson at 860-843-5030 – lswanson01@gmail.com
I hope that you will be able to be with us at one or more of these gatherings...In the meantime, I hope you are giving yourself lots of love, compassion and understanding.
with much love, many hugs and the lovely peace of a cricket-filled cool summer evening for you,
Directions to and Parking for the Van Horn Home
Address:  24 Mallory Lane    Wakefield, RI  02879
Phone:  401-871-1838
From the North:
Take US 1-S to RI-138
Turn right onto RI-138; drive for about 3.5 miles
Turn left onto RI-108 S/Kingstown Rd.; drive for 2 miles. You will pass the SK police station, then later a pond, and the Pump House Restaurant on your right.
Take the next left onto Rodman Street.  (Street sign is hard to see; Dennis Moffit Painting is on the corner and the Peace Dale Mill is on the left.) You will pass the bike path and one stop sign.
Mallory Lane will be on your left.  Our house is the second on the left.
See below for parking.
From the South/West:
Take US-1/N past the Matunuck exits
Take the Pond St. exit. (right after an exit for Post Rd.)
Turn left onto Pond St.  Continue until Pond dead ends onto Main.
Turn right onto Main.  Drive a short distance
Turn left onto High St.  Drive past town hall.
In about 0.6 mi, turn left onto Allen.
At stop sign, turn right onto Rodman.  Continue past one stop sign.  Mallory Lane is on the right.  Our house is the second on the left
Our street is narrow, so we ask that you not part on the street.  3-4 cars will fit in our driveway.  If there is  no space left in the driveway, you can park on Jennifer Dr.  Turn left back onto Rodman, and make a quick right onto Jennifer Dr.  Thank you!!!