5-24-13 Sangha Update - Please Read

"Spiritual friends are the whole of the spiritual path"
The Long Path leads to Great Joy!

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and happy and being peace.
We had a lovely time together at the Camp Aldersgate retreat. A deep bow of gratitude to all of you who were able to attend and support the Community of Mindfulness and offer your practice to the community....and for those of you who were not able to join us I have included some photos of just a few of the creatures who were practicing with our Sangha....goslings, ducklings, turtles, etc, etc, etc. What a miracle this planet is....what a gift to be able to practice together....Along with our animal friends...we were also joined by practitioners from NYC, Maine, Ct, MA and FL.  It was a pure delight! (thank you Linda P for the photos!)
The VanHorns have notified me that due to the holiday weekend they are unable to host the Sangha this coming Sunday. So there will be no fourth Sunday gathering this month. They will be hosting a fourth Sunday in June and are hoping that you will all attend...so save the date!
Our next gathering will be on June 2 at the UU Church in Peace Dale at 6 PM.
I hope you will join us then.
Below you will find an update from Blue Cliff Monastery about some new developments ..like instituting an internship program! and they are asking for some help and some input....the contact info is below.
Until we meet again, I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend and enjoy every moment.
with much love and deepest gratitude for all of you,
Dear Friends,

During our OI retreat in April we announced the happy news that we had just started a one year internship program as well as an outreach program at Blue Cliff.  So, we are reaching out to you!
First, we want to encourage everyone to let their Sanghas know about these new programs -- especially the internship program.  There is now information on our website:
Inline image 3
Positions are open immediately.  Besides that we are also looking for people who are willing to come and volunteer for a few months this summer to help support preparations for Thay's visit in September.
Second, we want to know how the monastery and lay communities can work together to better serve the Sangha as a whole.  What ideas and inspirations do you have?  Where would you like to see us grow?  What kind of retreats can we offer and organize?  How can we improve and maintain our communication and strengthen our capacity to practice?
OK, well that's a lot, but we hope it inspires you.  Wishing you peaceful spring steps and wonderful breaths.
Outreach Team at BCM