No Taming Together Tonight

lone dove resting on a post against a field of snow

Dove on a Post, with Nowhere to go and Nothing to Do!

Dear Friends,

I hope you have all weathered the storm and that the sun is shining in your life.

I apologize for my lack of communication. We have been completely cut off from communicating at all . . . We had no phone, computer, light or heat . . . and a tree down on a wire at the entrance to our drive, so we had no where to go and nothing to do! Our heat and light were restored and tree removed yesterday . . . and the computer and phone came back on line late last night.

I know that we have probably all had ample opportunities for lots of mental formations to arise and had ample opportunities for practice. I just hope that this finds you all safe and warm.

It turns out that the church is not available for us this evening, so our meeting will be canceled . . . this from Shana . . . who stayed in touch with others and sent the following . . . Thank you Shana!!!!

Greetings Mind Tamers,

Due to the road conditions, snow accumulation, and lack of availability of the Church in Barrington this coming Tuesday, Feb. 12, the Mind Tamers meeting is CANCELLED.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 26 at the Church. Hope to see you then.

With deep wishes that you are warm and safe after this storm - please stay that way!

Love, Shana

Please continue to hold Dania in your prayers and meditations for healing of her broken foot. You can send love in the form of a note to her at . . .

I would like to thank all of you who have sent prayers, healing energy and good wishes my way. You have helped to make a very difficult time much easier than it might have been. I will look forward to being able to be with you again on the 26th.

In the meantime, enjoy every moment.

with much love, many hugs and the freedom of accepting what is, Joanne