A Clear Path to Wednesday . . .

Cirrus clouds at sunset reflected in still waterphoto by Richard Friday

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be. - Anne Frank

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are all well and happy and enjoying this glorious day.

It was wonderful to be able to enjoy a Day of Mindfulness with all of you who were able to attend. I want to thank those of you who helped to co-create such a wonderful day—those who organized it and those who attended. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It is so lovely to spend the day together and to see the sangha grow and everyone’s practice deepen. We also offer a deep bow of gratitude to our anonymous benefactor, who enabled all who wanted to join us, to do so. What a beautiful act of generosity!

CLEAR HEART SANGHA - I hope you will be able to join us at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County at the Lily Pads on North Road in Peace Dale on this Sunday evening at 6 PM. There will be sitting meditation, recitation of the Five Mindfulness Trainings and Tina will facilitate the discussion regarding the Third of the Five Trainings on True Love. It will be lovely to be with all of you again. I hope you will be able to be with us.

CLEAR PATH SANGHA - will be meeting at Westminster Unitarian Church in East Greenwich at 6 PM on Wednesday evening. We will continue to look at how we practice with the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings . . . beautiful guidelines for deepening our practice. It is always a delight to practice with you.

SANGHA PICNIC!!!! I also hope that you will all be able to be with us for the Sangha Picnic on Sunday, August 12 at Colt State Park. We will share a vegetarian potluck and ask all of you to bring a story, song, poem, or game to share. It is a beautiful place and lots of fun . . . I hope you can come . . . You can get all of the info at http://joannefriday.com.

SAVE THE DATE!!! A Family Day of Mindfulness will be held on September 29 at the South Kingstown Land Trust. Here is a note from Jennifer about that day . . .

Dear all,

I hope that this message finds you well and happy and enjoying all of the sunshine we've been having this summer. I wanted to let you know that the Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness will be hosting a Day of Mindfulness with mindfulness activities for people of all ages on September 29th at the South Kingstown Land Trust Barn. I really hope that you will be able to join us and meet and support in their practice some of the youngest members of our sangha. It is truly a joy to be with them. And it is wonderful to know that these young ones are learning to stop and pay attention so much earlier than many of us. (I feel inspired in my own practice just thinking of them.) The day also offers us the opportunity to practice with and support their parents, who often cannot participate as much in our regular sangha meetings and intersangha events, like Joanne's retreats and our most recent Day of Mindfulness. Several families have already expressed a lot of gratitude that the sangha will be offering a Day of Mindfulness that considers their needs. I know it will mean a lot to them if you can join us.

Those of us who have already expressed an interest in helping with the day are beginning to take on some of the responsibilities related to preparation for the day and the activities of the day. And, if you feel moved to help, we would like to invite you to consider joining us in this work. Please contact me at jennifercawley@gmail.com or 401+261+4241 if you would like to learn more about the event or if you would like to help in some way.

With gratitude and love, Jennifer

I just received word today that there will be a Peace Walk at WaterFire again this year on Saturday, September 1. It was a lovely event last year . . . It is wonderful to create a stream of peace in the midst of all the crowds in downtown Providence. I hope you will be able to support this project . . . We need experienced practitioners to show up and be peace!

SAVE THE DATES! There will be a weekend retreat at Senexet House in CT from the 12-14th of October. the registration has not yet opened . . . I will keep you posted!

I hope that you are able to enjoy every moment of this lovely summer evening.

with much love, many hugs and the deep peace of a glorious sunset for you, Joanne

multicolored pebbles arranged in the shape of a heart on sand

The Third Mindfulness Training - True Love Aware of the suffering caused by sexual misconduct, I am committed to cultivating responsibility and learning ways to protect the safety and integrity of individuals, couples, families, and society.  Knowing that sexual desire is not love, and that sexual activity motivated by craving always harms myself as well as others, I am determined not to engage in sexual relations without true love and a deep, long-term commitment made known to my family and friends.  I will do everything in my power to protect children from sexual abuse and to prevent couples and families from being broken by sexual misconduct.  Seeing that body and mind are one, I am committed to learning appropriate ways to take care of my sexual energy and cultivating loving kindness, compassion, joy and inclusiveness – which are the four basic elements of true love – for my greater happiness and the greater happiness of others.  Practicing true love, we know that we will continue beautifully into the future.