golden sunset against silhouetted landscape

photo by Joanne Friday

Praying the Sunset Prayer

I’ll let you in on a secret about how one should pray the sunset prayer. It’s a juicy bit of praying, like strolling on grass, nobody’s chasing you, nobody hurries you. You walk toward your Creator with gifts in pure, empty hands.

The words are golden their meaning is transparent, it’s as though you’re saying them for the first time.

If you don’t catch on that you should feel a little elevated, you’re not praying the sunset prayer. The tune is sheer simplicity, you’re just lending a helping hand to the sinking day. It’s a heavy responsibility. You take a created day and you slip it into the archive of life where all our lived-out days are lying together.

The day is departing with a quiet kiss. It lies open at your feet while you stand saying the blessings. You can’t create anything yourself, but you can lead the day to its end and see clearly the smile of its going down.

See how whole it all is, not diminished for a second, how you age with the days that keep dawning, how you bring your lived-out day as a gift to eternity. —Jacob Glatstein, 1896 – 1971, translated from the Yiddish by Ruth Whitman, from Changing Light, by J. Ruth Gendler

This was shared by Carol Robinson at the last meeting at her home in Harbor Island as the sunset!

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying these first lazy, hazy days of summer and deep satisfaction with every passing day. I am home for the time being and enjoying every bit of it . . . sooooooooo much!

CLEAR HEART UPDATE - There will be no meeting tomorrow evening. It is the fourth Sunday, which is usually hosted by Robert and Monica, but they will be away and not available to host . . . and . . . Robert says that they will look forward to seeing everyone the fourth Sunday next month!

MIND TAMERS UPDATE - There will be a gathering this coming Tuesday at St. Matthew's Church in West Barrington at 6:30 PM. I will be facilitating and so happy to be with all of you again. We will have sitting, walking, sitting, a short talk and Dharma Sharing. I hope you can be with us.

CLEAR PATH UPDATE - There will be a gathering of the Clear Path Sangha this coming Wednesday evening at the Westminster Unitarian Church on Kenyon Avenue in East Greenwich at 6 PM. I will be happy to be facilitating that meeting also and to be with all of you again. I hope you can join us.

NEWS FOR EVERYONE!  SAVE THE DATE! There will be a Day of Mindfulness on Saturday, July 28 at the South Kingstown Land Trust in Matunuck. Registration should be open soon. It is a beautiful place to enjoy the day with some wonderful people. It is just up the road from the town beach (free parking after 4 PM), so you might like to bring a picnic supper and make a whole day of it!

The Cape Sangha Retreat September 6-9 . . . is now registering folks . . . info and forms at (thanks to our technical Bodhisattvas . . . Ellen, Shana and Jennifer!

The EIAB is asking for our community to participate in healing the wounds of the war . . . If you would like to take part in a wonderful project to create 700 healing hearts . . . there is info and a link below.

In the meantime, I hope your heart is open and in love and that we can be together very soon.

with much love, many hugs and the miracle of being fellow travelers on a spinning planet that offers us a different sunset each day, Joanne

In honor of the 700 patients removed from the Protestant Healing and Nursing Institution, Waldbröl, in 1938-1939.

The European Institute for Applied Buddhism is in the building that was a Psychiatric Hospital, and during the second World War, the Nazis removed the 700 residents and many were killed. The building has required extensive remodeling and the first floor will be opened soon . . . the monastics are asking the members of our community to create 700 hearts to commemorate those who were harmed as part of the healing and transformation . . . for more info and to participate in this wonderful project please go to