Buddha's Enlightenment Day on December 8 — Enjoy!

This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and happy and enjoying this lovely evening. Buddha’s Enlightenment Day is celebrated on December 8. It is a tradition to use the week before to focus and deepen our practice. You might like to choose some aspect of your practice that you would like to strengthen and focus on that for the next week. Since so many Buddhists the world over are observing in this way, we have lots of support!

Clear Heart Sangha meeting December 4 We will also be able to enjoy the support of the whole sangha on Sunday evening at the UU Congregation of South County at the Lily Pads Complex in Peace Dale at 6 p.m. We will have our usual sitting and experience some of the practices from The Miracle of Mindfulness. It will be wonderful to be together at this auspicious time. I hope that you are able to join us.

Generations Sangha on December 10 There will be another meeting of the Generations Sangha on Saturday, December 10 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Westminster Unitarian Church in East Greenwich. This is a sangha for all ages and at the next meeting we will be focusing on mindful consumption (sharing songs, a Dharma talk, mindful eating) and there will be child care where the children will be enjoying our basic practices. I hope you will be able to join us…and if you have friends who might be interested, please let them know.

Winter Retreat at Plum Village and Blue Cliff This is also a reminder that you can listen to the Dharma talks Thay is giving during Winter Retreat at Plum Village Online Manastery, pvom.org. I also understand that the monastics at Deer Park Monastery will be offering online teachings again this Winter Retreat. I did not find them posted yet, but keep checking! You can also get information about the Holiday Retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery at their website: bluecliffmonastery.org.

I would like to thank all of you who were sending prayers and well wishes.... I got my results from Sloan Kettering yesterday and all is clear!

I hope you will be able to be with us for sangha and until then, I hope you are enjoying every moment.

with much love, many hugs, and the miracle of an earth that is always turning toward the morning for you, Joanne