Happy Interdependence Day!








“Listen to each other. Be there for each other. Happiness is not an individual matter.” —Thich Nhat Hanh

“Today is a smooth white seashell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours.” —unknown

“Remember this — very little is needed to make a happy life.” —Marcus Aurelius

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weekend. I also hope that this finds you happily interbeing!

Update for Clear Heart Sangha This is a reminder that there will be no meeting tomorrow evening at the UU Church. There will be a second Sunday meeting at Carol Robinson’s home in Harbor Island. I will send more info toward the end of the week. We are still looking for a meeting place for our 4th Sunday meeting. If you know of a possible venue, please let me know. Thank you, thank you.


PRAYER REQUESTS Please hold Elsa Gambarini and her family in your prayers and meditations. Elsa has had a recurrence of the cancer she was treated for last fall. She began treatment again yesterday. Please hold her in your heart. You can send love to her at elsa7k7g@yahoo.com Right now she is in need of help with transportation. If you are able to help with rides and perhaps meals in the future, please contact Clare at clare2sartori@gmail.com who is organizing the help for Elsa.

From our own, much missed, Dean Barnard...now living in York, PA... Please ask the sangha to focus their thoughts and good wishes on my friend Nancy Hummel who is in a rehab facility here in York, having suffered a heart attack and then a stroke.” Please hold Dean and Nancy in your hearts.

Correction During our last Sunday gathering we got a call from Betty Kornitzer saying that they thought that her mother might have had a stroke and we put them both in the circle. I have received this note from Betty with very good news.....“I wanted to let you know (and to ask you to let the Sangha know) that my mother did not have a stroke. The doctors believe it was a mini seizure. Believe it or not, they did a CAT scan and sent her home with her “angel aids.” I was with Mom all day yesterday and she seemed to be doing very well, though a bit weak. We had a truly blessed time together, as you can imagine there was heightened connection and much sweet smiling. How fortunate I have been.” We can continue to hold both of them and their love for each other in our hearts.

Follow-up from Jean Lawlor  “Many thanks to all — my mom is home from the hospital and will not need radiation or other treatment at this time. We are all very happy.”



Day of Mindfulness If you want to join us for the Day of Mindfulness on July 16, but have not yet registered, please do that now. There is no cost as we have been fortunate enough to have an anonymous benefactor pay the rent for us. However, because space is limited it is necessary to pre-register. I hope that you will be able to join us and if you are able to make a donation to the sangha...that would be appreciated. The registration form is here: DOM-July-16.

Cape Sangha Retreat If you are interested in join us for a three-day retreat in a beautiful setting on Cape Cod...Sept 9-11... Here is the registration form: Cape-Sangha-Retreat-2011 or find it on the calendar page of JoanneFriday.com

OI/ Aspirants Instead of our Saturday meeting this month, I hope that you will all be able to join us on the 16th for the Day of Mindfulness with the larger community.

with much love, many hugs and the miracle of a firefly for you, Joanne