Our Walking Path










Our Walking Path The flowers offer their fragrance to everyone... freely... no discrimination! What good teachers they are!

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and happy and are offering your peace and joy and love to everyone!

This is a reminder that there will be a sangha gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of South County in Peace Dale tomorrow evening at 6 PM. Tina and Clare will be facilitating and looking at the next Chapter#5 in Miracle of Mindfulness. There will be a sitting, Dharma sharing and recitation of the Trainings. I hope that you will be able to be joyfully together.

Next Saturday, June 11 we will have our Sangha Care Taking meeting. Everyone who cares about the sangha is invited to take part. We need a lot of support at this time, as we are looking for a new home for our 2nd and 4th Sunday meetings. A couple folks have generously offered their homes and both have shared that the size of their space is limited. I hope they will be able to be at the meeting along with anyone else who can offer space or knows of a space that we might use. We will also be looking at what we enjoy about the sangha, what the strengths are and what might be strengthened. We always need folks to volunteer to facilitate at the meetings, as well as folks that might help organize and respond to the needs of our members who are experiencing difficulties. If you can offer your help and/or your ideas....I hope you will be at the gathering on the 11th at 11 AM. We will then share a vegetarian potluck lunch at 12:30 in the garden...weather permitting...indoors, if not!

JUNE 18 GATHERING FOR ORDER MEMBERS AND ASPIRANTS AND ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO LEARN ABOUT OUR ORDER. There will be a Half Day of Mindfulness for Aspirants and Order Members at our home on the Saturday the 18th of June from 10:30 AM - 1:30 pm. We will be having a Recitation Ceremony, a Dharma sharing, we will be looking at means of skillful facilitation and that will be followed by a vegetarian potluck lunch. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

PARTY TIME!!!!!! We want to show our appreciation for all that the Morgans have done for the sangha. The 4th Sunday meeting that is usually at their home, will be at ours instead on June 26. We will have the scheduled book group at 3:30 PM until 4:30 PM.... followed by a going away vegetarian potluck ....followed by a sitting at 6 PM and a tea ceremony, during which time we will share poems, stories, music, laughter and friendship. Please bring something to share!

Please also save June 25 for a Day of Mindfulness for individuals and families. It will be held at the Providence Friends Meeting. It should be lots of fun....a great way to build community and introduce children of all ages to the practice of Mindfulness. This is being organized by members of the various Sanghas that make up the RI Community of Mindfulness. You can download the flyer at joannefriday.com (thanks to Ellen and Shana!) and pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. Click here for registration information.

Speaking of the website, Ellen and Shana, our wonderful web Bodhisattvas, would love to have your feedback about using the site or anything else you would like to see there. They are uploading Dharma talks...so let them know if you hear something you would like to have on line. This is a wonderful gift that they have offered us.

SAVE THE DATE!!!! There will be a Day of Mindfulness at the Land Trust in South Kingstown on Saturday, July 16th. More info will follow. This is the first one we will have in the summertime. The location is very near the beach. Please come and plan on spending the day...we will end at 4 PM ...bring a picnic supper for the beach afterward!

PRAYER REQUEST - please remember to keep Bruce Nichols and his daughter Krystal and her family in your prayers and meditations. She has been being treated for a very rare neurological problem. You can send love to Bruce at bruce.nichols@snet.net. Please keep them all in your prayers and in your hearts.

We also received a lovely note from Noelle from CT along with a beautiful photo from her garden. I have included it below.

Please remember that Thich Nhat Hanh's talks can be found at tnhaudio.org...there is a wonderful one called the Long Hand of the Four Fold Sangha which was given on June 11, 2010 and uploaded July 6. Enjoy!

We also received this announcement from Linda Lamont. It sounds like a wonderful event in which to participate...check it out...On June 18th (8:00 pm) there will be a "worldwide" effort to heal the world. The Buddhist Channel is sponsoring a one hour silent sit (meditation, prayer) on this day. If anyone would look to sign up and leave a message they can link to the web cite atwww.themomentofpeace.com.

Again, we have ample opportunities! I hope you can join us for all of them! Thich Nhat Hanh always reminds us that happiness is available to us in every moment...we should take advantage of it!!!

with much love and the miracle of a wren minding her young for you, Joanne

Dear Joanne, I am thinking of you and the sangha. Because I live relatively far away and gas prices are very high, you may not see me as often as I wish! I am practicing every day and working on mindfulness and metta for our world and myself, too. I am very grateful for the teachings and for the sangha. Please give them all my love (and you too). Here is a flower from my garden smiling for everyone. Hugs and love Noelle