Summertime, summertime sum sum summertime...


Dear Friends,

We are living in a heaven on Earth! Summer has arrived a bit early and I hope you are enjoying every moment of it!.....

This is just a note to remind you that tomorrow is the Care Taking gathering for the Sangha. I hope that you will be able to join us at 11 am.

Please bring your ideas....what do you enjoy...what supports your practice? What might change? What else might we do to support your practice and to strengthen the Sangha?

What are you willing to do to help? Facilitate? Invite the Bell? Offer refreshments? Organize a Day of Mindfulness or a Retreat? Reach out to newcomers or members who are having difficulties? Please come with your ideas and something to share for a vegetarian potluck lunch (weather permitting...a picnic!)...which will follow. The meeting will probably go from 11 when we will begin with a sit...until which time we will share a meal. I hope that you will all be able to be with us.

A reminder that our regular second Sunday Sangha gathering at the Morgan’s (24 Petrel Dr. Geen Hill ) will be held on Sunday at 6 pm. I hope you will all be able to join us for that also.

Also a reminder that on the 19th and the 26th the meetings will also be at our home. On the 26th we will have the Reading group at 3:30...a potluck celebration of the Morgans at 4:30 followed by a tea share stories, songs, artwork, poetry, music... etc. Please come to celebrate and express our gratitude for all of the gifts that the Morgan’s have offered our Sangha.

Information about upcoming Days of Mindfulness on June 25 and July 16th can be found at (thanks to Shana and Ellen.) You will find the registration forms there. They should both be delightful and an opportunity to enjoy each other and the larger community. I hope you can be with us!

PRAYER REQUESTJean Lawlor has requested that we keep her mother and family in our prayers and meditations as her mom undergoes cancer treatment. Please hold her in your heart and send love to

I hope you will be able to be with us for all or some of these events...until then, I hope that you are experiencing deep peace with every breath you take and every step you make.

with much love and the freshness of the morning after a thunderstorm for you, Joanne