Audio Recordings

Hiding in the Practice - July 2013. By going one step beyond stopping and calming our breath, we can transform our suffering and bring peace to ourselves and others. Mindfulness and concentration can help penetrate our habit energies, and ignorance of our interconnectedness with each other becomes love and understanding. (26 min.)

Why We Meditate/Guided Meditation - Hartford Day of Mindfulness 11-5-11. In this talk on why we meditate, Joanne shares how our breath can help us enjoy life to the fullest. We can easily take refuge in our breath because it is always available. Through stopping, resting and calming, we can bring our mind, body, and breath all in one place and one time. This allows us to concentrate and be able to truly exercise free will, so that we are not controlled by our suffering.  A guided meditation follows. Why We Meditate (23 min.) Guided Meditation (16 min.)

Song and Story - Hartford Day of Mindfulness 11-5-11. Joanne uses the song "At the Foot of the Mountain" and Thay's story about the river to show how we are made up of every single thing in the cosmos.  When we are aware of our interconnectedness, peace, harmony, and fearlessness are possible. (The song “At the Foot of the Mountain” is sung by the Nuns of Plum Village, from the recording "Mountains" available from Blue Cliff Monastery.) (19 min.)

Q & A - Hartford Day of Mindfulness 11-5-11. In answering questions posed by the sangha, Joanne reveals how we can become prisoners of our own lives if we hold on to fear, anger and hatred. When we are able to look beyond the surface and see that we are essentially one and the same, compassion will arise for ourselves and others. (25 min.)

Creating Peace in Ourselves, Making Peace in the World: When Turning Inward Isn't Turning Away. Mindfulness practice and social change, Rhode Island School of Design, 9-24-11 (50 min.)

Dharma Talk at Day of Mindfulness for Families, Providence, RI, 6-25-11. (50 min.)

An Introduction to the Five Mindfulness Trainings, 6-28-11. (21 min.)